Welcome to our website. Danser Shipping C.V. is owner and operator of the Dutch motor vessel “Trinitas”. The company was established in 2006 with the new building of m/v “Trinitas” and has 4 share holders: the brothers Henk, Jan Willem and Peter Danser and Wagenborg Shipping B V.

About Us

Danser Shipping C.V. is a single ship owner company. Jan Willem and Peter Danser are the managing owners with brother Henk Danser and Wagenborg Shipping B.V. as “silent partners”.


The brothers Jan Willem and Peter Danser started their own company in 1990 and bought a 1.200 ton 10 year old Spanish coaster. The ship was named “Urkerland”, the same name as their father had on his ship from 1946 to 1952.


M/v “Trinitas” is a 12.000 ton multi purpose container carrier with full tween deck and 2 cargo cranes with a SWL of max 80 mt each and Finnish/Swedish ice clas 1A, build in 2007 by Damen Shipyard in Nikolaev, Ukraine.


From june 2013 we still have place for trainees deck and/or engine room.